Our Team Play Their Part By Manufacturing Crucial Ventilator Parts

by | May 10, 2016

BSL Engineering Ventilator Parts.

We may be seeing an easing in the lockdown conditions which we’ve all found ourselves subject to, but that’s only the case because of the remarkable work the NHS and other frontline keyworkers have been doing over the past six months. The Coronavirus can have a devastating impact on the human body’s respiratory system, the debilitating effects so severe that a ventilator is required to keep the patient breathing. It’s a harrowing thing to be put on a ventilator, but these bits of kits have saved countless lives and will save countless more, of that BSL Precision Engineering is certain.

The pandemic brought with it an increased need for these life-saving machines, with more than ever needing to be manufactured. Here at our firm, we’ve been doing our own bit, creating parts that are much-needed in the manufacture of these ventilators. It may have been a little different than what our metal engineering team is used to, but it’s been incredibly important.

What Parts Have We Been Producing?

Our team of metal engineers has been producing several parts, in particular, and these include:

  • Aluminium dowels
  • Brass hex pins
  • Black acetal bellows plates
  • Diaphragm pins

When our first order came in, it was to produce enough parts to help manufacture five ventilators. Such was the demand for these ventilators, however, that only the very next day an order came in for us to engineer enough components to produce a staggering fifty ventilators. The fact that the need is there is obviously incredibly sad, but we take great pride in the way that the whole country has mobilised in recent times, and to be even a small part of that has been very rewarding.

Staying Safe Whilst We Work

The last thing we wanted to do, when creating these parts, was to actually contribute to the problem, rather than helping overcome it. With that in mind, we made sure that strict social distancing was (and continues to be) adhered to at all times. Further to this, our team also wears the appropriate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) when working; this has included overalls, latex gloves and masks. The parts we produce get thoroughly disinfected, and between shifts, the machines and the workshop, itself, have also been deep cleaned. The nation has dealt with the virus, at least for now, and this is in no small part thanks to the staggering amount of work put in by our frontline workers. We owe them our thanks, and we owe them our continued work. If BSL Engineering is called upon, we’ll answer straight away.

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